My name is Zuri and I am an Intimacy Coordinator, On-Set Therapist, Sex Therapist, Mental Health Professional, and Consent Advocate. When hiring me to support your production and your performers you get the best of all worlds.

My work is multi-fold. Let’s work together to increase the overall health of productions with both On-Set Clinical Therapists and Intimacy Coordinators.

Film and Television productions exist in 16 hour days, eating on the go, time away from family, navigating dozens of timelines, personalities, and many other professional and personal stressors. The New York Times reported in 2017 that the average life expectancy for an associate director in television and film was only 56 years old. It is overdue that we make more space in this industry for mental health support and self care.

In production, scenes may involve kink, simulated sex, nudity, physical touch, kissing, LGBTQAI+ layers, any other intimate topics and all hyper-sensitive material like domestic violence, sexual assault, murder, suicide, child birth, abortion, and more. Securing an Intimacy Coordinator for your set will help secure the safety of your actors and crew while also aiding in the creative by ensuring the integrity of the creative team’s vision.

Work Available on the Following Networks:

Apple TV

NOTE: An Intimacy Coordinator and a Therapist are two very different skill sets and responsibilities on a set. An advantage of hiring Zuri as an Intimacy Coordinator is that she also comes with the skill set, mentality, and approach of a therapist.