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Contact Zuri Pryor-Graves, MSW MEd Your Next Intimacy Coordinator, On-Set Therapist, and Clinical Sex Therapist!

Please contact Zuri directly so that she can provide you with any clarity and to see how her services could support you or your production!

We are aware of how information dense this website is. There is a lot of information about three very different jobs that are not very common.

Intimacy Coordinating was not even 5 or 6 years ago and is just really catching on in the industry. She is asked nearly daily to explain her position to industry crew and folks outside of production and happy to do so. She understands in a new position that she is a trailblazer, advocate, and educator for the position.

On-Set therapy, although we believe should be standard practice, is not very common in the tv and film industry at all and is rarely provided outside of HR. She believes that everyone on a set should be provided and encouraged to participate therapy paid for by production. Ask her about her ideas on how to make this happen!

Lastly, sex therapy is usually only seen as something to do if you are struggling with a partner in a relationship or are a survivor of sexual assault. As we explored on the Clinical Sex Therapy page, we see that it can be o much more than that and Zuri has predominantly worked with children, not adults in relationships.

Until these three unconventional careers become more common practice Zuri is aware that there are more questions than answers available out there.

She is happy to be a resource!

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